Cardiovascular Diseases, Thrombosis and Diabetes

Effectively Managing CVD, Diabetes and Thrombosis

Sanofi is your health journey partner.

We are dedicated to being there for all of life’s ups and downs—for every challenge, big or small, lifelong or temporary. For patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes, those challenges are all too real. That’s why we’re committed to improving access to effective and safe treatments for patients living with these conditions.

Cardiovascular Diseases – A health priority

Cardiovascular diseases are the single leading cause of death worldwide. In the Philippines, 170,000 people die of cardiovascular diseases every year.

While cardiovascular diseases are more prevalent in more western countries, there are clear signs of converging trends around the world in response to rising standards of living and changes in lifestyle. In the Philippines, increases in tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, raised blood pressure and obesity are top risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease.

At Sanofi, we have a pioneering range of preventive and therapeutic products for various cardiovascular conditions. As a health journey partner, we continue to develop innovative and value-based medicines to answer to the most urgent medical and societal needs to help improve the quality of life.


Thrombosis is the process of blood clot that causes the world’s top three cardiovascular killers: heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism (VTE) – a blood clot that is found mostly in the leg and lungs. The clot forms in the artery or veins and can obstruct flow in affected areas. Thrombotic diseases, with their venous and arterial repercussions, are now one of the world’s leading causes of death.

At Sanofi, we are dedicated to offering treatments that prevent and manage thrombosis so that patients who are afflicted with this condition can have a quality life.

Diabetes – A burgeoning health problem

In the Philippines, at least six million people have diabetes, and this number is projected to increase to around 12 million by 2040 due to undiagnosed diabetes cases (4).

Diabetes can result in brain damage, eye complications, heart attack, impaired pancreatic function, kidney failure, risk of amputation and other complications.

At Sanofi, we offer a wide and comprehensive range of medicines to treat diabetes, including insulin treatments to lower blood sugar levels. We also strive to build greater awareness of diabetes. And we invest in the training of healthcare practitioners to improve their patient management capability.

As a health journey partner, we are dedicated to going beyond medicine to support our patients, helping them to live better and healthier lives.

The diseases targeted by Sanofi:

Arterial hypertension
Atrial fibrillation
Peripheral arterial disease
Heart failure
Venous and arterial thrombosis