Our Values

Sanofi owes its success to the fundamental values shared by all employees in more than 100 countries around the globe. These values – teamwork, courage, respect and integrity – are the very foundation of the company’s spirit.
This is how the men and women of Sanofi breathe life into our corporate values:


Performing at our best to improve people´s lives and winning together as one Sanofi.


Daring to innovate, taking ownership and risks and learning from failure.


Embracing the diversity, different thoughts and needs of our people, customers, and communities


Operating with honesty and transparency, ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards.

Building Rural Capacity for Diabetes Management

The Philippines geography and inherent Manila-centrism aggravates already inadequate healthcare conditions in the countryside. Nearly half of all type-2 diabetics (43%) in the Philippines live in rural areas, physically and financially distant from the specialists they need for proper treatment.

Rather than pursuing short-term solutions for improving the health of rural patients, such as treating them directly, Sanofi, in partnership with the Institute for the Studies of Diabetes Foundation Inc., created a program to train rural doctors on proper diabetes treatment. To date, more than 500 rural doctors have received the training and education they need to help type-2 diabetes patients lead healthier lives.

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22 January 2020