Why I joined

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology. When I applied for the job in Sanofi-Pasteur Philippines (Rhone-Poulenc then) I was confident that my educational attainment will be useful in my work.

I believe that I’ll be able to understand well the behaviors of the customers, especially the Health Care Practitioners. So, when I started working as a Medical Representative, I easily had a grasp of the business, easily managed my customers, and efficiently handled some difficulties in the field. I felt fortunate because I joined Sanofi-Pasteur – a company with integrity, good visions, and a mission enkindled by its principle of putting the welfare of its customers, Health Care Practitioners and their patients as priority.

Sanofi-Pasteur also has a goal of maintaining good quality and efficient products. Thus, every time a Health Care Practitioner gives the patient our vaccine, it is already self-fulfilling and rewarding for me, because I know I gave my customer a good quality vaccine, and I became part of Sanofi’s humane goal of providing protection for people, especially the children with vaccine-preventable diseases.

I also realized that I joined a company that is not only compensating people well, but also helping people realize their dreams and aspirations in life. It likewise gives opportunities for people to grow in/with the company. Sanofi’s generosity and appreciation is limitless especially to deserving people.

Rising through the ranks

I started working for Sanofi as a Medical Representative and promoted to an Area Manager. I then became a Product Manager, and later on appointed as Key and Corporate Accounts Manager. After that, I was promoted as a National Sales Manager and at present, I am seated as the Sales Director of the Sanofi-Pasteur.

How did I make it to my current position?

Three things. First, I continue to adhere to Sanofi’s principles. Second, I innovate and apply the best of myself to the tasks at hand with no reservations, and third, I utilized wisely the tools provided by Sanofi-Pasteur (i.e. the training and support-materials). These led me to achieving my goal constantly, and for 25 years that I am with the company, Sanofi never fails to recognize my efforts.

What I do

As the Sales Director of Sanofi-Pasteur, I oversee the whole Sales Force and make sure that everybody in the team contributes to improving the company’s revenue and sales.

I continuously innovate the strategies for the sales team in order for them to become more effective and fitting into every different scenarios that they will encounter in their everyday fieldwork.

I always reiterate to my field force that quality coverage, good products and good customer service are essential in building a strong and lasting customer relationship. It is important to satisfy customers and retain their loyalty, so that they continue patronizing us. More importantly, I always remind our sales force to adhere to the highest ethical standard practice with integrity, in all their dealings with their customers.

Moreover, I set sales goals and targets, draw out and innovate sales plan, and analyze data. I also oversee the performance and progress of my sales force regularly, mentor my people, meet customers, monitor competitors’ activities, search for new market opportunities, as well as take part in the hiring process of new people.

Likewise, I make sure that everybody in my Sales Force, our front-liners, are all motivated, high spirited and contented in their job. I never forget to acknowledge their good work.

Diverse opportunities to grow

Sanofi is growing fast and while it is moving ahead in the industry, I am one example of those people who were given such great opportunity to grow with it.

The company also is liberal in welcoming new ideas. As the Sales Director of the company with direct links on the Sales Force, therefore, I encourage my team to learn and be more innovative to further improve their daily work. I lead and manage them in a way that they will also grow with the company because if they grow, I will grow and Sanofi will grow.

My sincerest thanks to Sanofi!

Why I joined

I have always wanted to work for a global company where I could learn and grow professionally.

Looking back, I was eager to join Sanofi because I wanted to be part of the Pharmaceutical / Healthcare industry as it offers diverse career possibilities. Joining Sanofi, it meant opening yourself to challenges that will make you grow professionally and personally.

What I do

As a HR Manager for HR Operations and Labor Relations, I partner with people managers and different employee groups to generate initiatives and actions that drive the HR agenda. This includes working on initiatives to have an engaged workforce, assessing team capabilities and structure to address business needs, and reviewing effectiveness of operational HR programs and processes.

I started with Sanofi as HR Officer for Recruitment where I was responsible for all recruitment programs and activities related to attraction, selection, hiring and onboarding of talents across all business units of Sanofi PH – Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, CHC, Support Group Functions.

Diverse opportunities to grow

At Sanofi, you're given a lot of responsibilities from Day 1. If you are willing, determined, flexible and want to grow your own skills, there are opportunities in Sanofi.

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22 January 2020