In our unwavering commitment to empowering the Filipino people as their health journey partner, we turned to empower our employees ahead of what was a very unprecedented year. And through showing exceptional dedication during exceptional times, our company has been officially recognized by the Top Employers Institute as Top Employer for 2021 in the Philippines.

Even as the onset of the pandemic was apparent, we remained steadfast in our commitment to building a Healthier Philippines. Under the “Panata ni Mommy” campaign, the organization’s 400-strong workforce was galvanized to empower the lives of families and communities we serve.

To address the disruption to the work dynamic caused by the quarantine, we quickly pivoted to a remote work setup to ensure business continuity. This required putting up the necessary support system and channels. Moreover, this system is built on open communication, objectivity, and trust across all levels of the workforce.

“We believe that empowering the Filipino people starts when our employees themselves feel empowered,”

“That is why, despite the pandemic, we endeavored to create an enabling environment and a strong work culture where our people feel that they are part of one journey and mission.” -Dr. Amal Makhloufi

Moreover, we have also been recognized as a Global Top Employer for 2021 thanks to the certification of 24 countries* in 4 regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East). We are one of only 16 Top Employers recognized for our good HR policies and practices worldwide by the Top Employers Institute.

The ‘Top Employer’ certification values our continuous efforts and commitment to developing a solid, coherent, and employee-centric strategy to position us among the most attractive companies in the world, offering ‘best in class’ and ‘people-first' HR practices.

Among these best practices are a strong culture and enabling environment, which promotes diversity and inclusion in the company. Indeed, this is very much reflected in our leadership team, where 67% of the directors are women, including 2 out of the 3 General Managers.


“Having a global certification is proof of Sanofi’s dedication to creating a great workplace culture that empowers our people and helps to bring our Employee Value Proposition to life at a global scale,”

“As an organization and as individuals, Sanofi and our very talented employees have always worked hard to advance the cause of health and improve access to health care. This is our commitment to building a Healthier Philippines. Ito ang Panatang Sanofi,” said Dr. Makhloufi.

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