Pandemic or no pandemic, there is no stopping the Pinoy Christmas spirit. However, an unhealthy or problematic heart can slow things down and dampen our merry vibe. We are quick to associate our heart health to the food that we eat. It is indeed correct that what we put in our bodies can contribute to higher cholesterol or blood pressure but proper heart health is more than just a healthy diet. There are other factors involved in ensuring our ticker keeps on perfectly ticking. Here are 3 things to consider to ensure we treat and give our hearts the special attention it needs during this binge filled holiday.

Eat healthy

Let's start things off with our diet. It has always been a rule of thumb to eat more fruits and veggies to keep our heart health in check. Fruits are an easy way to sneak in some fibre and necessary nutrients into our diet. It's nutritious and can be delicious too. Vegetables on the other hand can be less tasty than fruits but they are all the healthier for you.

A healthy diet does not only require fruits and veggies. It also means adjusting and tweaking things here and there. Like cutting down on red meats and taking in more of what the sea has to offer. Fish and some seafood are a good source of Omega-3 which is said to be beneficial for the heart.

As an alternative to chips and processed food, try snacking on some nuts.

Do also consider lessening sweetened food and drinks as well as processed food which can be packed with unnatural preservatives. By doing so, you take in less salt thereby helping in keeping our diets in good condition.

Stay active

Daily exercise has been proven to be good for us. It doesn't have to be as extreme as doing CrossFit or a marathon. A 10-minute brisk walk can do the trick. Then later on you can progress to doing 30 minutes or more. If going out is not an option due to the pandemic, you can climb up and down the stairs at home or do jumping jacks to get your heart pumping. Staying active should not just be a holiday thing, it is best if you do this all year round.

Take a breather

Partnered with exercising is proper breathing. Deep steady breaths are also a good way to keep your heart healthy. It can help manage stress and release tension from our bodies. Stress left unchecked can actually be bad for our hearts. Slow, steady breaths can help us relax and lower blood pressure. Make it a point to take some time off during the day to fix and practice proper breathing.

This season give your loved ones and yourself the gift of a healthy heart. Try practicing these steps and incorporating them into your daily routine. It will definitely be a good way to start the new year.



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